Back to School Gift for a Teacher


I had a call from a customer that wanted us to make a ruler for her that she could use as a name plate for a teacher.  She stated that as a child, her mother (who was a decorative painter) made her teachers a name plate out of a ruler.  The front side was painted with the teachers name and the back side could be used as a ruler.

I told her that would not be a problem and I came up with the size that she needed to fit into a simple name plate holder that she found at an office supply store.  Because I am artistically challenged with a paint brush, I decided that I would use digital art to make it look presentable.  After a few quick steps, I was able to come up with this.


There are two ways that you can go about this project and depend upon the skill level that you have and are comfortable with.  The first is the “old fashioned” method which involves paint and paint brushes.  You can make this step a little easier and write the name with a paint pen if you would choose to.  Paint your designs and you are done!

The second method is something that you can use for yourself if you are handy with a photo editing program.  You can simply make your art in the program, print it out on paper (you will need a legal size sheet of paper) and then use DecoArt Americana Decoupage sealer to adhere the artwork to the back of the ruler.  Kids love to use the computer and this gives them the chance to show their creative side.  They can even make this for themselves to keep at their desks.

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