Summary of Posts: November 17th 2012

Do you enjoy making things out of wood? Are you looking for some presents for Christmas, or even Thanksgiving? Both are around the corner, it’s time to get out your woodworking tools once again! We’ve found these articles across the net with some really cool wood projects. Check them out:

  • Make cabinets, bicycle boxes, and coffee tables out of . . . wooden crates? Yep! Make use of those crates in your garage, or maybe buy some crates – you really don’t want to miss these ‘Six DIY Projects for Used Wooden Crates’ by Jeff McIntire-Strasburg.
  • Have you been dreading finishing your floor? You can finish off quickly with this article by Diana N Nguyen!
  • Maybe your wife has been wanting a bit more space for her to hang up all her clothes. Or maybe you want one for yourself. Either way, a closet wall can help! Build your own unique closet wall out of reclaimed pallets (what? I said unique) in this article by Kathryn Kattalia.
  • Take a look at other people’s interesting designs to spark your own creativity! Take a look at an intriguing design in this article from the Woodworking Network.
  • Step-by-step instructions take you through a cool gift idea in ‘How-to: DIY Crayon Holder (or marker holder, OR pencil holder) from a Fallen Tree Branch’ from Julie Finn.
  • This article gives a guide on how to make your own pencil holder! Take a look at ‘Homemade Pencil Holder’ and make the perfect gift.

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