About Tia Babbitt

I have lived throughout the US my adult life and settled in Mooresville, NC because of the climate, people and beautiful Lake Norman! My kids, wife and I all love to scuba dive and spend as much time relaxing underwater. My dream is to retire and have only a virtual mail box, traveling the world and exploring everything that life has to offer.

Change the Look of A Room in a Day

We all like change in our life from time to time.  Dramatic changes are sometimes difficult for people to handle, but small and subtle changes are easy and a cost effective way to keep you from feeling life is stale and boring.  We were recently looking at our dining room and realized that we liked everything about it except for the switch plates.  The fine details in the room were underwhelmed by the plastic switch plates that the builder used when they built the house.

Our house has painted trim and we decided to add the trim color to a wood switch plate cover.  The old plastic cover was not in any way related to anything in the room at all.  By simply adding the small detail of a painted switch cover, we were able to quickly and easily transform the details in the room.  Was it a dramatic change that made the room come alive?  No, but the details in the room were changed and highlighted the trim work in the room.  Adding a small detail in the room was enough to change what your eyes looked at in the room.   Your eyes easily skipped the mundane switch plate as a piece of trim on the wall that blended in to the look and feel of the room.

Looking for a more dramatic change?  Decoupage or paint wood switch plate covers to contrast the room, add a dramatic touch or use them as part of the artwork in the room.  A little change will not take a large budget or time commitment.  Don’t like your change once you are complete?  Grab the can of paint that matches your trim work and you can make another change as fast as the paint can dry.

More great work from our customers

Anna Johnston Browning CutoutsAnother great example of what our customers do with our products.  Here is a laser cut symbol that they have added to an embellished cross.  We love the paint details in their work and appreciate the opportunity to showcase their work on our pages.  The ability to be creative and add multiple pieces together to create unique and beautiful artwork is always something that we appreciate.  You can seem more or purchase their work here https://www.facebook.com/CraftyNinjasStore

Visit One of our Customers Websites

We like to help all of our customers, whether it be solving a problem or helping them promote what they do.  The best help that we can give our customers is a unique way to market their products.  Our snap fit boxes are something that we design, cut and assemble in our shop.  These unique boxes are something more than packaging and offer a way to differentiate your product from competitors.

Kara Brook has been a customer of ours for a few years and has a line of all natural beeswax products that she markets through her website.  We are happy to help move her product line to a unique and extraordinary level.  We have been able to develop boxes that will specifically market certain products that she sells and look forward to helping her in the future.

We love the fact that we have similar philosophies in business and life.  We prefer an all-natural and healthy lifestyle that is built around sustainable products that will not hurt the environment and better society.  We wish Kara continued success in her ventures and hope that we can be there to help in any way.

Re-Purpose a Wooden Spool

Before I was born, thread used to be wound on wood spools.  If I had to bet, I would say that my mother probably still has some wood spools of thread in her collection somewhere!  When the spools were empty, they were often used for a variety of different craft projects.  Anything from legs on doll furniture, doll bodies or whimsical art creations were often the most popular craft projects.

I had a customer send me a picture of her project that she completed with spools that she bought from our company.  She inherited a collection of Christmas figurines of her family members (grandparents and great grandparents) that were all built from gluing different spools together and topping them with a wood ball for the head.  Clothes were made from scraps of fabric, arms were pipe cleaners or dowels and the heads were painted with paint.  She thought that it would be a good idea to carry on the tradition that was started many years earlier by completing the set with the 6th generation of figurines.

I thought that it was a great idea and one that would be funny to see sometime into the future.  I was hoping that I could find the picture that she sent me so I could add it here but unfortunately I was unable to locate it.  I new I should have made it digital when I received it!  I went searching on Pinterest to see if I could find it but it was not there.  I did find some other interesting spool ideas there that you might like to look at.  Here is the link.

Learn Something New

Want a real challenge in life?  Try to learn something new each and every day!  Then try to remember what you have learned the next day and put it to use.  If you do not put it to use, it will be lost!  We use computers in almost everything that we do here from writing blog posts to processing orders, using the laser or editing photos to print on our UV printer.  How many of the buttons in Outlook do you have no idea what they are used for?  Excel?  Corel Draw?  Your smart phone?

We have computer issues all the time because we have so many different software vendors that we use to make our business more efficient.  Trying to get these systems to tie together and play nice all the time is a full time job in itself.  So, we try to limit our knowledge of the microcosms of our systems and tend to pay for tech support that is built into the software.  These days the system operators tend to remote in to our system and immediately fix what the problem is right in front of our eyes on the computer screen.

I am a naturally curious person and I love to learn and there is no better way to learn than hands on from an expert.  I end up coming away from the experience always learning something and it always comes back to help me somewhere down the road.  Knowledge truly is a blessing and cannot be taken away.

Many of our ideas for new products come from us learning a skill or task and then trying to help a customer overcome some problem that they are facing.  Imagine how efficient we all could be if we had a chance to learn a new skill, process or function each day.  We sit at a computer each day and learn what is happening on Facebook, YouTube or Pinterest.  Take a minute to see what is going on “locally” to really give yourself a leg up!

Resourceful Craft People

It is always interesting to see the unique ways that people use our products, including some that we view as trash.  A while we were taking some of our wood scraps out to our dumpster and one of our friends in another one of the businesses in our complex came over and was wondering what we were throwing away.  I told him it was the sheets of plywood that we use in our laser for our wood cutouts.  He was amazed that we were throwing it away.  I told him that we do not heat the warehouse with wood so it is no use to us.  i figured that he heated his house with wood and just wanted something that was easy to get the fire started but I was wrong.

It turns out that he has a hobby where he paints signs and he was wanting our waste product to use like a stencil.  I told him that was no problem, he could have them and if he needed them in different sizes to let me know and we would save him all that we could hang on to them for him.  What a great way to take a product that has no value to us and turn it in to something that someone else can re-purpose into something usable.

Since then, he has been to our shop many times looking for various types of shapes that we had and wondering if we could help him out with anything that he needed.  He is a young guy with a family and has always been there to help us out with anything that we needed so we had no problem reciprocating.  I was happy to hear that our trash can actually turn into someone else’s treasure.

Check back later for more ideas from our customers.

Making Wood Cut Outs and Shapes

Wood Cut Outs

Wood Cut Outs

Wood cut outs and shapes are something that we deal with every day.  Our most common inquiry is for this type of project because it is simple and easy for us and difficult for most end users.

We stock a large inventory of wood, have years of experience building shapes and projects and have the expensive equipment that is needed to quickly replicate your ideas into reality.

All we need is what it is that you are looking to replicate into a wooden shape.  Most often a piece of clip art or a picture is all we need to get started.  Once we have the image drawn on our computer, we email the drawing to you for approval.  Changes can be easily made to get you exactly what it is that you need.  Why settle for cookie cutter items at the local craft store when you can get unique items for your school, event or craft project.

Save your fingers and your sanity the next time that you need a simple or complex object cut over and over.  When you have the job done by a specialist, you can save yourself precious time, energy and most of all, money!